Table: New Armor and Shields
Armor Cost AC Bonus Max Dex ACP ASF (30 ft.) (20 ft.) Weight
Light armor
Greatcoat 20+ GP — — 0 0% — — 5 lb
Greatcoat, Armoured 75+ GP — +8 -1 5% — — 10 lb
Infantry Armour 100 GP +4 +4 -2 20% 30 20 25 lb
Medium armor
Tumbler’s Breastplate 450 GP +5 +4 -4 25% 25 15 30 lb
Battle Cloak 5 GP +1 — 0 0% — — 1 lb
Gunner’s Bulwark 45 GP 4 — 10 50 45 lb
Knuckle Guard 50 GP +1 — -1 5% — — 6 lb

Cost Max Dex ACP ASF (30 ft) (20 ft) Weight
Environmental Seal +2500 — — — — — +5 lb
Fast-Donning Straps +150 — — — — — —
Increased Range of Motion +250 +1 — — — —
Integrated Equipment Special — — — — — —
Integrated Weapon +250 — — — — — —
Pavise Spikes +10 — — — — — +2 lb
Powered Armour +2500 — — — — — +12 lb
Psionic Circuity +1000 +1 -1 -10%
Reduced Weight Special — — — — — —
Reinforced 1000 +1 +5% +10%
Segmented +250 — -1 — — — —
Shield Bandolier +25 — — — — — —
Shield Sheath +25 — — — — — —
Signature Crest +5 — — — — — —
Ultralight Composition Special — -1 — — — -12%
Visor +1000 — — — — — —
Wand Chamber +100 — — — — — —
Battle Cloak: This exotic shield is not a shield in the typical sense, but rather a special cloak that can be used to foil an opponent’s attacks. Since the cloak is not really a shield, it confers no shield bonus to wearers who do not have the appropriate exotic shield proficiency.

You cannot use a battle cloak to make a shield bash attack, but a proficient user can use it to make a disarm attempt. When using a battle cloak, you gain a +4 bonus on opposed attack rolls made to disarm an enemy including the roll to avoid being disarmed if such an attempt fails).

When used in combat, a battlecloak occupies a hand just as a light shield does, allowing you to carry other items in that hand but not wield a weapon with it. Battlecloaks are retrieved and readied just like other shields.
Greatcoat: A new and fashionable garment, the greatcoat provides good protection against the cold and the rain (+1 circumstance bonus vs cold weather), making it particularly popular with port dwellers and travelers of all varieties. These long, heavy, button-up coats are usually made of leather or heavy wool, with several inner and outer pockets. Particularly fine greatcoats usually have silk lining.

As well as being practical, greatcoats also offer some minimal protection and can be worn over other forms of light armor, and Light Armor Proficiency is not required to wear a greatcoat. Standard greatcoats cost 20 gp, but fine, silk-lined greatcoats are available for 40 gp. Greatcoats of exotic leathers cost upwards of 50 gp or more depending rarity and quality.

Note: This doesn’t grant damage reduction, but it is able to be enhanced as armour. It doesn’t count as armour in regards to class features, despite being listed here.
Greatcoat, Armoured: These coats, reinforced with flexible metal plates and sections of chainmail, are slightly more encumbering than normal greatcoats. When combined with armour add the spell failure and Armour Check penalty to the total. An armoured greatcoat retains the +1 bonus vs cold weather and has DR 1/adamantine thanks to the reinforcements.

Note: This is not the free overcoat. Costs can vary with embellishments, like the basic greatcoat.
Gunner’s Bulwark: A heavy iron tower shield with a convex shape to help deflect projectiles. A bulwark is constructed with a number of spikes along the bottom, allowing it to be planted firmly in the ground as a move action. A view slit in the top allows the user to see beyond the shield without peering around it. The spikes can be used in combat as a spiked shield if the user wishes. A gunner’s bulwark counts as a tower shield.

A gunner’s bulwark has 10 hardness and 25 HP.
Knuckle Guard: This light steel shield, shaped roughly like an “L”, is gripped at the curve of the “L” and protects the hand and forearm, with three short spikes protruding from its base. When wielded, you can attack with an unarmed strike or slam attack without forfeiting the knuckle guard’s bonus to Armor Class. When used to attack, it does damage as a spiked gauntlet of the appropriate size.
Infantry Armour: This consists of a few plates protecting the shoulders, head, and abdomen, supplemented by armour at the forearm and shin. (It’s basically Ashigaru armour, only renamed.)

Note: Counts as solid for anything regarding special materials or what have you.
Tumbler’s Breastplate: This armor resembles a normal breastplate that has been smoothed and polished to perfection. Those skilled in its use can take advantage of the breastplate’s protection when tumbling. The wearer receives a +2 circumstance bonus on Tumble checks, but the normal armor check penalty still applies.

Armour Extras:
Environmental Seal: This enhancement protects the wearer from harsh conditions. This provides the wearer with the right amount of breathable air and external pressure to assure comfort and survival, ensuring that the armor can function in the extremes of the deep sea or deep space, along with any environment in between. Only certain types of armor can handle this modification and those that do usually integrate a sealed helmet, body glove, and emergency air tanks to generate internal atmosphere.
- Immunity to Gas and Drowning
- Endure Elements effect
Fast-Donning Straps: Armor with fast-donning straps has been fitted with a simpler system of straps and buckles, making it much easier to don hastily. Whenever you don fast-donning armor hastily, you do not incur the normal increase in armor check penalty (although the armor’s armor bonus to AC is still 1 point less than normal).
Cost: +150 GP
Increased Range of Motion: Makes it easier to move, giving +1 to Max Dex.
Integrated Equipment: You can combine a piece of equipment that isn’t a weapon into the armour, which can be used by the wearer at any time. Things like glow tubes, radios and other crap can be included (Ask and it probably can be added).

When selecting the gadget, decide whether it can be separated from the armour or not at the time of purchase. That equipment is integrated into the base armor and can be used at any time. This gadget may be selected multiple times, each time adding a single additional piece of equipment to the base model.

Cost: 25 GP per pound of the item, or 50 GP if no weight is listed.
Integrated Weapon: Some armors are designed with specific combat purposes in mind and build in certain weapons as standard equipment. Examples run from a pair of pop-out wrist blades to shoulder-mounted plasma cannons. Additionally, many armors link their weapons to integrated heads-up displays, turning the user into a walking combat machine.

When selecting the integrated weapon gadget, choose a single weapon. That weapon is integrated into the base armor and can be used at any time. Additionally, you must choose whether or not the weapon may be physically separated from the base armor or not at the time of purchase. This gadget may be selected multiple times, each time adding a single additional weapon to the base armor.
Cost: +250 GP per weapon
Pavise Spikes: This addon makes a tower shield into a pavise, a form of mobile cover originally used by crossbowmen. As a move action a user can stab it into the ground, allowing the user to hide behind it while reloading. In a pinch the spikes can be used like shield spikes. A normal tower shield won’t be able to take many powerful hits without being destroyed due to it being made of wood (5 hardness, 20 HP), but it is better than nothing.
Powered Armour: Motors, muscles or other such devices augment your movements allowing you to lift weight easier and perform feats of strength.
Add +2 to all Strength based skills or checks and count as one size larger for Carrying Capacity. Powered armour requires a Mk-3 power cell to operate and if it runs dry the wearer takes a -4 penalty on all Str/Dex/Con skills or checks until refilled. Powered armour runs for 10 hours on a cell, but can burn an hour’s worth of power to double their Strength bonus on checks and skills for a duration of two minutes.
Psionic Circuitry: Technology backwards engineered from the Illithid. This circuitry enhances mobility, flexibility and reduces weight by 10%. This reduces ACP by 1 and raises max dex by 1.
Reduced Weight: Reduce it by 25%
Cost: To determine the price of lightened armour, use the original weight but add 10 gp per pound to the price of a masterwork version of that item.
Reinforced: The armour has been reinforced by various means, enhancing the armour’s Damage Reduction. Light by +1, Medium by +2 and Heavy by +3.
Segmented: Makes it easier to move, removing -1 from ACP. Only works on ‘solid’ armours.
Signature Crest: Armor emblazoned with a signature crest allows others to easily recognize the wearer. Much like a noble’s signet ring, the crest is a customized design unique to an individual or family. Identifying a signature crest correctly requires a DC 20 Knowledge (nobility and royalty) check (although the DM can adjust this DC as needed to ref lect the relative fame of the individual or family).
Shield Bandolier: Holds magazines for weapons on the inside of the shield. As long as you have the shield ready, drawing the ammo in the shield bandolier is a free action. A light shield can hold 1 mag, heavy 2 mags, and 4 mags in a tower.
Shield Sheath: This small sheath fits on the inside of a shield (but not a buckler) and holds one light weapon (of your size category or smaller). As long as you have the shield ready, drawing the weapon in the shield sheath is a free action. No shield can have more than one shield sheath attached to it.
Ultralight Composition: The development of new and experimental alloys constantly allows armor technology to advance to the point where once bulky and heavy armors become as easy to carry as lighter models. Any armor with the ultralight composition gadget weighs significantly less than similar pieces of armor and is more easily used and worn. The armor reduces its Armor Check Penalty (if any) by 1. Furthermore, the armor’s speed limitation is increased by 5 feet (to a maximum of the user’s normal speed). So, for example, an armor with an Armor Check Penalty of –2 and a speed limitation of 20 feet now has an Armor Check Penalty of –1 and a speed limitation of 25 feet.

Cost: To determine the price of a ultralight composition armour, use the original weight but add 75 gp per pound to the price of a masterwork version of that item.
Visor: +6 on saves vs being Dazzled or Blinded, grants Low-Light Vision.
Wand Chamber: A wand chamber is a thin, cylindrical slot on the handle the edge of a shield that can hold a single wand. When a wand is loaded in the chamber, it isconsidered ready and can be activated without having to drop the shield. Changing the wand in the chamber is a full-round action.

Steam Armour:

Grohlheim Steam Armour
Max Dex Str Speed Hardness HP Size Cost
Light Suits
Gram 18 -3 1 20 30 10 50 M 3,400 GP
Heavy Suits
Balmung 19 -4 0 26 25 10 100 L 6,500 GP

Balmung: Balmung is the first Heavy SA built for the Iron Knights, as a way to supplement and eventually replace the Gram. Standing twelve feet tall, the dark red Balmung is an imposing sight, covered in several lethal looking weapons and is rather loud. The massive size and bulk finally gives Man the chance to fight the giants evenly, thanks to the 10’ reach and powerful servos.

The Balmung can make a single slam that deals 1d8 damage, but it also has the following built-in weapons:
- Shoulders: Twin-linked heavy claymores, scaled up shotguns that deal 5d6 per volley, and can be fired 5 times. Reloading takes two minutes. Two reloads are stored on the back.
- Left Arm: Mister shotgun with a 5 round magazine, and four spares on the hips.
- Right Arm: Revolving Stake, with two speedloaders on the hip.

Balmung suits require 8 gallons of water which lasts for 5 hours of general labour or one hour of combat time.

Gram: Gram was the first Light Steam Armour built for the Iron Knights and Grohlheim soldiers and stands just 7 or so feet tall, barely large enough to fit a man. Still, the heavy plating and boost in physical might helps a man face giants on nearly even ground, particularly with firearms and reach weaponry.

The Gram can make a single slam that deals 1d6 damage, but it also has the following built-in weapons:
- Left Arm: Twin-Linked Mosey pistols, with 66 round magazine, and two spares on the hip.
- Right Arm: Twin-Linked Mosey pistols, with 66 round magazine, and two spares on the hip.

Gram suits 5 gallons of water which lasts for 5 hours of general labour or one hour of combat time.


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